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From experience to art

Workshop From experience to art at the Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE)

Key data

ECTS points
Next start
24 March 2025
2 days
Final application date
Mon, 24.2.2025
Teaching language
German / Englisch
CHF 500.–

This course is a joint program with the School for Social work FHNW.

Without the questions of humanity, there would be no art. Questions like: Who am I? How do I want to be? I feel – does that mean I am? How free is freedom? What limits me? What effect do limitations have? What makes me “hungry”? What is the meaning of meaning? There are many more questions and arguably also that many more answers. Personal or individual questions will become jumping-off points for artistic work, allowing the questions themselves to become material. Artistic processes will be perceived and will be valid in their own right. The point is not to use art as therapy. The focus of the workshop is rather on the artistic process, which participants will have the chance to initiate for themselves. How casually can an emancipation from problems set in with just the awareness that questions or topics do not need to be answered at all? Participants explore examples of the possibilities of artistic encounters. The results can be figurative, textual or improvisational. Workshop participants can experience what it means to work in an open-ended way. Creativity turns from a concept to an experience. It is practised and tested. This workshop is designed for experts from schools, social work and the health sector as well as for all people who show an interest and are open to experiments. Participants will gain more conceptual and artistic knowledge. They will acquire practically oriented skills in negotiating artistic methods. We will explore the realm of possibilities of intermedia, advance process experience in creative methods, expand the individual frameworks for reflection, connect artistic work with the knowledge of other professions, and push personal development forwards.


Institute of Arts and Design Education (IADE)

Art and design, and imparting their contents open up new ways of perceiving and shaping the world. Learning in art and design is marked by an intense experience of self-agency and dealing with highly diverse contexts.

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