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Combined heating system in Kaiserstuhl

Prospective industrial engineers analysed the technical and economic feasibility of a combined heating system.


As the "Rheingasse" (a narrow street) in Kaiserstuhl was due to undergo renovation work commissioned by  the canton of Aargau,  an opportunity presented itself to build an economical and environmentally-friendly combined heating system to supply the rows of houses on either side.unite the two areas of land – which are horizontal to one another – with Students were tasked with analysing the technical and economic feasibility with a particular focus on ecological consequences.

The future industrial engineers investigated the technical implementation of different heating systems and calculated the degree of economic feasibility. In light of the detailed analysis, the students presented the client with two options:

  • A wood-chip system fired with wood from its own forest
  • A heat-pump system that obtains energy from the Rhine and is supported by an existing wood- chip system at peak times

In the case of both these solutions, CO2 emissions could  be reduced by around 400 tonnes per year.

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