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Logistics management at Jet Aviation

During his practical training period, Matthias Dönni gained experience of the logistics procedures at Jet Aviation.

Jet Aviation

Jet Aviation is an international company based in Basel that offers  a range of  services, including air taxi flights, flight planning, personal services for crews and the aeroplane management team as well as maintenance, cleaning, quality assurance and servicing operations.

Matthias Dönni completed his practical training period in the Internal Transport and Receiving  departments. The "Receiving" department primarily handles incoming goods. Onr delivery  , the goods are checked and passed on to various in-house locations. The Internal Transportdepartment distributes the  goods  and prepares shipments. The consignment  could be a lifeboat for the internal Emergency Equipment Shop, for example.

Practical industry period information

  • Company: Jet Aviation
  • Student: Matthias Dönni, Bachelor Mechatronics Trinational