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Practical training

Extensive practical training periods are integrated into the Mechatronics Trinational degree programme. These offer an outstanding opportunity for students to apply the knowledge they have acquired from the programme in a commercial environment. something which is highly appreciated by companies.

Industry training period I

Time period: after the first semester

Scope: 8 weeks

Objective: To become better acquainted with the other country and , the other culture. Students with German as their mother tongue complete this industry training period in a French-speaking country (e.g. France, Belgium, Francophone Canada, Francophone Africa or French-speaking Switzerland

Industry training period II

Time period: between the fourth and fifth semester

Scope: 13 weeks

Objective: To apply to a particular topic the knowledge acquired within a company. The task is normally set by a company and the students work on this particular task by devising a conceptional solution to the problem.

Industrial training phase III / bachelor thesis

Time period: following the sixth semester

Scope: 12 + 14 weeks

Objective: familiarisation with a particular subject ("situation analysis"). Students will work on the subject in a conceptional manner as part of their bachelor's  thesis following industry training phase III. Industry training phase III and the bachelor's thesis are completed in the same company. The bachelor's thesis takes 14 weeks and is the final stage  of the degree programme.

The time-scale of industry training period II/IIII and the bachelor's thesis together with  the fact that these projects are carried out on a full-time basis opens up  interesting professional opportunities for the students They can even complete this part of their degree while working abroad. Students who take up this option will receive support from their Course Directors.