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Business Engineering

With the Master's degree in Business Engineering you will be prepared to successfully take on challenging tasks in industry or in the services sector.

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Your path to the digital future

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Your path to the digital future

What is it about?

The Master’s degree «MSE in Business Engineering» will enable you to leverage engineering and design-centred approaches to develop and supply products and services. Taking into account relevant technological and business constraints and opportunities and viewing issues from a risk, quality, and lifecycle perspective, you will be able to develop business models and to plan, analyse and manage relevant industrial and service systems.


  • Practical relevance:
    The MSE in Business Engineering at the FHNW offers an application-oriented alternative to other theory-heavy courses, providing an ideal foundation for a specialist career in business.

  • 1:1 support:
    Throughout your studies, you will be supervised 1:1 by an experienced advisor.

  • Full-time or part-time:
    The degree can be taken full-time, or part-time (optionally with a 50% employment at the Institute of Business Engineering FHNW).

Institute of Business Engineering

This specialization is offered by the Institute of Business Engineering. Find out more.

Institute of Business Engineering


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