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Institute of Business Engineering

The field of business engineering enables the systematic integration of business models, technologies and organisational structures.

The Institute of Business Engineering uses practice-oriented analysis techniques and systematic procedural methods for production planning and control (PPC) to develop and implement innovative and intelligent production and business processes in the fields of procurement, production, sales and logistics, thus improving sustainable competitiveness of companies and organisations.

business processes

Intelligent business processes with the IBE business engineering approach

Selected projects

Engineer-to-order web platform

The FHNW Institute of Business Engineering is developing a collaborative web platform together with research and industry partners.

to Engineer-to-order web platform


Automation of the offer process for small and medium-sized Swiss enterprises due to development of a self-learning machine.

to ZeroAdmin

Order segmentation in the field of production as a result of push-and-pull orders

Innovative, lean control principles for hybrid push-pull production with shared resources.

to Order segmentation in the field of production as a result of push-and-pull orders


Prof. Dr. Raoul Waldburger Head of Institute of Business Engineering
Telephone : +41 56 202 71 83 (direct)

FHNW School of Engineering, Brugg-Windisch

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Engineering Bahnhofstrasse 6 CH - 5210 Windisch
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