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Career prospects Optometry

With their interdisciplinary training, optometry graduates are equipped to assume management functions within the field of vision, working in a largely self-employed capacity and at their own responsibility.

During the last few decades, ophthalmic optics has continued to evolve. Whereas the production of refractive eyeglasses has become automated, the optometric work of opticians has grown significantly in importance.

Optometrists are rapidly becoming the primary care providers in all areas relating to optimisation of vision. Thanks to the excellent training you will receive, you will be in a position to distinguish between normal and pathological variations, referring patients to a specialist where necessary. Training programmes that concentrate almost exclusively on determining refractive errors are no longer in line with contemporary needs. Many pathological changes in the eye could be overlooked, which could lead to irreparable damage..

Professional Outlook

Possible fields of work are optometry, respectively, ophthalmic optics, the health sector or teaching and research. Given the high level of qualification, others areas of employment are possible: in industry in the areas of ophthalmic optics and medical technology as well a special task in ophthalmology.

Competencies of Optometrists

  • Management of businesses in optometrics and opthalmic optics
  • Analysis of customer needs and the development of optimal solutions
  • Screening in the area of vision and ocular health
  • Determination of glasses and contact lens correction, prescription writing based on comprehensive analysis
  • Dispensing of glasses and contact lenses
  • Analysis of binocular status, prescription and implementation of appropriate correction or training measures in children and adults
  • Measurement and correction of complex optical problems of the human visual system.
  • Selection and fitting of appropriate contact lens types for refractive and/or post-operative situations
  • Provision of standard visual aids for the visually impaired

Statements of Optometry Graduates