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Studying part-time

The Systems Engineering degree can also be completed on a part-time basis while working.

If you choose to study part-time while in employment, you can complete the degree as follows:

  • Four years
  • 33 weeks of classes per year
  • 30 study hours per week, including self-study time
  • Classes on Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings, Friday daytimes and Saturday mornings
  • 18 credit points can be counted toward the degree once your employment status has been checked
  • It is possible to work for 60% of the time over four full workdays
  • Credits can be given for projects assigned to you by your employer
  • Credits are given for any previous knowledge from a university of applied sciences

The above figures are intended as a guideline and can vary individually. Students are not required to be in employment for a minimum amount of time. You can take advantage of the option to study on a full-time basis or part-time basis while working if you can otherwise schedule your study time. The degree programme will take longer to complete in accordance with the work schedule you undertake.

This was a decision I made with my future in mind

Undertaking the Systems Engineering degree on a part-time basis while working enables me to remain active in the private sector. Being able to practically apply the knowledge I have acquired on an ongoing basis is brilliant. Success can be achieved through study.

Raffael Steiner, studying on a part-time basis while in employment, Bachelor of Science FHNW in Systems Engineering


Prof. Peter Zysset