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Welcome to the Alma Mater Studorium - Università di Bologna

Welcome to the student city of Bologna, where approximately 80,000 Italian and international students give the city its character.

The Università di Bologna (UNIBO) is the oldest university in Europe and the third largest in Italy. It has over 90,000 students spread over five campuses (Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna, Rimini). The University of Bologna creates innovation thanks to an increasingly wide range of courses, many of which are taught in English, cutting-edge research and an ever-widening international outlook.

> The University of Bologna, an overview


Nearly 6000 people are part of the university community, about half of whom are involved in teaching while the others are professional staff.

Thanks to the cooperation with Prof. Fabio Fava from UNIBO (visiting professor at the HLS), an exchange agreement for Master’s students and staff in the field of environmental sciences has been set up. In addition, with UNIBO we were able to expand our double degree program and welcome a new partner in the "Environmental Technologies" specialization.

> Science - University of Bologna: create your future

Bologna is the seventh largest city in Italy and the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region. It offers an attractive range of historical and cultural attractions, but is also a paradise for gourmets. The city has a uniquely relaxed and lively atmosphere. Especially in the university quarter, cafés, bars and clubs abound.

> A Day in Bologna

The Università di Bologna offers international students

• numerous sports facilities
• a wide range of cultural activities
15 museums connected to the UNIBO
accommodation (start looking early!)
• an extensive introductory program offered by ESN
• and much more

> Why the University of Bologna?

Would you also like to become part of the UNIBO student community? Get in touch with us to-day.

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