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Life Sciences

Study at the interface between nature, technology, medicine and the environment as part of Europe’s largest life sciences centre.

Conduct research into drugs for treating cancer, develop methods for the early detection of diseases, create implants using a 3D printer, produce new chemical substances, visualise big data or join the fight for clean water. Our wide range of courses in Life Sciences gives students the opportunity to be actively involved in solving the social problems of the future.

Hand in hand with industry

The FHNW School of Life Sciences is situated at the heart of the international life sciences industry with which it enjoys close ties. Students are directly involved in current projects throughout their studies and work in partnership with industry on the burning issues of tomorrow, which brings benefits both in their studies and later on when they are looking for a job.

The foundation for a successful future

Our graduates are highly sought-after specialists in industry. We are proud to say that 98 per cent of our students enter employment in their specialist field or go on to further study straight after graduating.

Majors of the Bachelor Programme

A Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences offers students the ideal preparation for their professional experience and exposes them to state-of-the-art technologies.

Bioanalytics and Cell Biology

Understand life processes on a minute level and get to grips with lab analytics and diagnostics, biopharmacy and biomonitoring.

to Bioanalytics and Cell Biology

Biomedical Engineering

Develop new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and devices.

to Biomedical Engineering


Understand the properties of elements and their bonds and predict what chemical reactions could occur.

to Chemistry

Environmental Technology

Familiarise yourself with chemical and biological processes and develop eco-friendly production processes.

to Environmental Technology

Medical Informatics

Process, edit and analyse biological and medical data.

to Medical Informatics


Produce drugs – from researching through to approving new substances.

to Pharmatechnology

Master Specialisations

A Master’s degree in Life Sciences equips students with all they need to gain a foothold in the growing life sciences market and to work successfully on solutions with a promising future.


Become an expert in Bioanalytics.

to Bioanalytics

Biomedical Engineering

Develop engineering solutions for the medical industry.

to Biomedical Engineering


Prepare yourself for a career in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.

to Chemistry

Environmental Technologies

Protect bodies of water, reduce harmful emissions and develop environmentally friendly production processes.

to Environmental Technologies


Specialize yourself in the scientific and technical aspects of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

to Pharmatechnology

FHNW School of Life Sciences

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Life Sciences Hofackerstrasse 30 CH - 4132 Muttenz
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