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Double Degree Master's theses

Three UCT students report

A double degree agreement between the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (UCT) and the FHNW School of Life Sciences (HLS) has been running for over four years, and is a popular choice. Every year, 2-3 students from UCT are selected to take their 3rd semester with us at the HLS and can then do their MSc thesis either in their home country or in Switzerland.

In autumn 2020, Barbora Kolrosová, Katarína Kubinová and Jakub Kolář came to the HLS on the double degree programme and all three decided to stay in Switzerland for their Master's theses.

Working in a new and unfamiliar environment, meeting new people and improving their English and German language skills were just some of the reasons they wanted a Master's project in Switzerland. Unfortunately, the Covid situation made it especially difficult to find a suitable opening in industry, not an easy task even under normal circumstances. Some projects were only confirmed at the last minute and two of the three students found a job internally at the HLS. "It’s important to start looking early so there is enough time to consider all the possibilities and choose a suitable option” recommends Katarína.

In their projects the students have to overcome new challenges every day but this is by no means demoralising, quite the opposite! It’s motivating and inspiring for them to learn new techniques and skills, and deepen their knowledge in their chosen field.

Go for it! Double degree is an amazing opportunity to get new experience, skills and friends.

Barbora Kolrosová

Even the omnipresent coronavirus cannot dampen their spirits. Despite distance learning and sometimes strict measures at the FHNW and in Switzerland, the students are able to enjoy their stay. Getting to know new people was difficult with distance learning, but when measures were relaxed, this hurdle could also be overcome and new friendships made.

Fortunately, there is still enough time outside work to get to know Switzerland. All three like living here, and they enjoy the mountains and beautiful scenery. Basel is not a big bustling city like Prague but it is just as charming and the students appreciate the less hectic pace of life.

All three are convinced they made the right decision to do a double degree at the HLS and are grateful for the experiences they have gained.

I have learnt to enjoy very calm and chilled afternoons by the river on Sundays, when everything is closed and people are just meeting and talking and having fun.

Katarína Kubinová

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