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Creation - Composing - Improvisation

Audio design

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to Composition


to Instrument/Voice

Jazz Instrumental/Vocal or Composition

to Jazz Instrumental/Vocal or Composition

Music Theory Major

to Music Theory Major

Musik und Bewegung

to Musik und Bewegung

Audio Design

to Audio Design


to Composition


to Composition

Contemporary music

to Contemporary music

Early Music instrumental improvisation

to Early Music instrumental improvisation

Music Pedagogy - Jazz Instrument/Voice

to Music Pedagogy - Jazz Instrument/Voice

Music theory MA

to Music theory MA

Music theory

to Music theory

Musikpädagogik - Schulmusik II

to Musikpädagogik - Schulmusik II

Musical Performance – Jazz Producing/Performance

to Musical Performance – Jazz Producing/Performance

Open Creation

to Open Creation

Early Music Thoroughbass / Ensemble Conducting

to Early Music Thoroughbass / Ensemble Conducting


to instrument/voice

Musikpädagogik - Musik und Bewegung

to Musikpädagogik - Musik und Bewegung