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A music degree provides students with a solid foundation in the study, theory, history and performance of music, and prepares them for a wide range of careers not only in music but also in sectors such as education, journalism, broadcast media and culture. Students benefit from the knowledge, support and guidance of expert teaching staff with extensive international performance experience.

Degree programmes

Bachelor of Arts in Music

to Bachelor of Arts in Music

Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy

to Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy

Master of Arts in Musical Performance

to Master of Arts in Musical Performance

Master of Arts in Specialised Musical Performance

to Master of Arts in Specialised Musical Performance

Master of Arts in Composition/Music Theory

to Master of Arts in Composition/Music Theory

The FHNW Academy of Music offers students the choice of three fields: Early Music (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis), Classical Music and Jazz. Within each of these profiles, there is also an extensive and varied range of major subjects to choose from, both at Bachelor and Master’s level. Thanks to an agreement with the University of Basel, FHNW Academy of Music students have the possibility of continuing their studies at doctoral level. With more than 500 events every year, including cooperation projects with the Theater Basel, the Gare du Nord, the Basel Symphony Orchestra and the Freunde Alter Musik Basel, the FHNW Academy of Music provides students with many different performance opportunities.

Classical Music

The renowned Basel Academy of Music is committed to excellence in everything it does. It offers a series of innovative majors in the fields of music pedagogy, music performance and composition, which provide students with first-rate tuition coupled with one-on-one support, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to develop their own well-rounded and accomplished artistic identity.

Here you can findthe course booklet of Academy of Music.

Early Music

The Schola Cantorum Basiliensis is a world-renowned seat of learning in the field of Early Music. In keeping with the original mission of founder Paul Sacher, and his trusted associates, the Institute, which was established in 1933, focuses on providing students with a thorough grounding in historical performance practice. At the Institute, every effort is made to dovetail teaching content and research. Bachelor and Master’s students can choose one of two historical focal points: Medieval/Renaissance (8th-16th centuries) and Renaissance/Romantic.

Here you can find the course booklet of Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.


As well as boasting internationally well-connected teaching staff, the Jazzcampus, which opened in 2014, offers an inspiring and ideal environment for students of jazz. The architecturally stunning and unique complex features state-of-the art infrastructure, well-equipped music rooms, as well as its own fabulous club where students and lecturers alike can showcase their talent, and of course have direct access to the cultural life of the city of Basel.

Study preparation

Course Booklet

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