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Institute Jazz

Offering a state-of-the-art learning environment featuring an outstanding faculty as well as a truly exceptional campus and infrastructure, the Jazz Institute of Basel Music Academy counts among the most highly reputed Higher Music Education institutions, both nationally and internationally.

We believe that the network and community created through collaboration and exchange during the studies will remain relevant throughout the entire professional career.
Our students get regular performance practice both on campus in the beautiful club, as well as by cooperating with the professional field. Students also get to regularly document their work in the on-campus recording studio.

Jazzcampus, an architecturally stunning and unique complex, opened its doors in 2014 and is an ideal home to the Jazz Institute of Basel Academy of Music as well as the Focusyear, the Jugendjazzorchester and the Musikschule Jazz.

Study Guide

Degree programmes

Jazz Instrumental/Vocal or Composition

“I used to think, How could jazz musicians pick notes out of thin air? I had no idea of the knowledge it took. It was like magic to me at the time.” Calvin ...

to Jazz Instrumental/Vocal or Composition

Music Pedagogy - Jazz Instrument/Voice

Studying to be a musician and educator with a strong vocation to become one of the best artists and innovative teachers in the field

to Music Pedagogy - Jazz Instrument/Voice

Musical Performance – Jazz Producing/Performance

Jazz Producing/Performance is offered with three majors: Performance (instrumental/vocal) or Composition or Music Production

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