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Music and Research

Prof. Dr. Anne-May Krüger

Head for Music and Research; Head a.i. for Music and Scene in Transformation

to Prof. Dr. Anne-May Krüger

Prof. Dr. Martin Kirnbauer

Head of Research Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Programme Director Theorie Alter Musik, Lecturer for Music History & Music und Research

to Prof. Dr. Martin Kirnbauer

Prof. Karin Wetzel

Lecturer for music theory & Music and Research

to Prof. Karin Wetzel

Prof. Dr. des. Michel Roth

Lecturer for composition, music theory, music and research

to Prof. Dr. des. Michel Roth

Dr. Christoph Moor

Scientific assistance / main focus on research management

to Dr. Christoph Moor

Dr. Michael Kunkel

Head of research, FHNW Basel Academy of Music, Klassik

to Dr. Michael Kunkel

Dr. Martina Papiro

Lecturer in music history, research assistant, co-editor of the SCB research portal

to Dr. Martina Papiro

Dr. des. Christoph Haffter

Research associate / Music philosophy

to Dr. des. Christoph Haffter