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Music and Scene in Transformation

Prof. Dr. Anne-May Krüger

Head for Music and Research; Head a.i. for Music and Scene in Transformation

to Prof. Dr. Anne-May Krüger

Dr. des. Christoph Haffter

Research associate / Music philosophy

to Dr. des. Christoph Haffter

Lisandro Abadie

Lecturer for historical performance voice

to Lisandro Abadie

Prof. Sarah Maria Sun

Lecturer for Contemporary Music and Open Creation

to Prof. Sarah Maria Sun

Dr. Martina Papiro

Lecturer in music history, research assistant, co-editor of the SCB research portal

to Dr. Martina Papiro

lic. phil. Brigitte Schaffner Senn, MAS

Member of the Management Board SCB, Head of Administration, Lecturer for Cultural Entrepreneurship

to lic. phil. Brigitte Schaffner Senn, MAS

Prof. Christian Hilz

Member of the Management Board, Head of Programme Specialized Master historical performance practice, Advanced Studies

to Prof. Christian Hilz

Dr. Christoph Moor

Scientific assistance / main focus on research management

to Dr. Christoph Moor

Deda Cristina Colonna

lecturer for historical opera and historically informed stage practice

to Deda Cristina Colonna

Prof. Dr. Katarina Livljanić

Dozentin für Gesang Mittelalter-Renaissance, Pflichtfach Gesang, "Mythen, Musik und Gedächtnis"

to Prof. Dr. Katarina Livljanić

Norbert Steinwarz

Lecturer for body training

to Norbert Steinwarz

Heike Landbeck

Dozentin für Sprechen

to Heike Landbeck

Prof. Johannes Kreidler

Lecturer for composition

to Prof. Johannes Kreidler

Dr. Flavio Ferri Benedetti

Korrepetitor/Coach für Gesang

to Dr. Flavio Ferri Benedetti

Sylvia Nopper

Dozentin Gesang

to Sylvia Nopper

Prof. Michael Svoboda

Lecturer for Trombone and Contemporary Music

to Prof. Michael Svoboda

Prof. Dr. des. Michel Roth

Lecturer for composition, music theory, music and research

to Prof. Dr. des. Michel Roth

Johannes Keller

Dozent für Historische Stimmungen

to Johannes Keller

Prof. Christian Dierstein

Dozent für Schlagzeug

to Prof. Christian Dierstein

Prof. Marcel Boone

Dozent für Gesang und Liedgestaltung

to Prof. Marcel Boone

Further lecturers

Stefanie Bolzli, Jeroen Engelsman, May Früh, Christina Hess, Cedric Spindler