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Undergraduate Programmes

With a bachelor’s degree from FHNW you can look forward to a successful career.

The 29 programmes are supported by research and are practically oriented. The intense practical orientation is reflected not just in the fact that student curricula are geared towards practical needs – making FHNW graduates highly sought-after experts in the labour market – but also in the specific methodological and didactical approach at FHNW as well the expertise profiles of FHNW lecturers. Students are given both the subject-specific and the methodological capabilities they require to become established within a dynamic professional field. Embedded in one of the Switzerland's leading economic, cultural and social regions and with 160 partnerships abroad, FHNW is excellently networked both regionally and internationally. This is something that FHNW students benefit from directly.

Fields of Study

Degree Programmes

The FHNW School of Applied Psychology offers courses of study in occupational, organisational and business psychology. Our Bachelor and Master degree ...

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Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomatics

From surveying and planning through to the construction of buildings, towns and roads: our degree programmes ensure students are well-equipped to design a ...

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Degree Programmes Business

Practice-oriented degree courses with an international focus at an internationally recognised university - that you can take on a leadership role in a ...

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The educational portfolio offered by the FHNW School of Education covers the full gamut of teacher education opportunities, ranging from pre-primary through to ...

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Ready for the digital transformation? Study at the intersection between people, technology and the environment. Become a sought-after specialist.

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Life Sciences

Study at the interface between nature, technology, medicine and the environment as part of Europe’s largest life sciences centre.

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The FHNW Academy of Music offers two Bachelor and four Master’s programmes, each of which comes with an extensive choice of major subjects. All study ...

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Social Work

The FHNW School of Social Work offers a two-tier BA and MA curriculum.

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Studying Art and Design!

At FHNW Academy of Art and Design you have seven BA and four MA programmes to choose from. We pave the way to independent authorship in art and design and ...

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