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Continuing Education

FHNW provides a well-founded, diverse and individual range of continuing education programmes.

Our continuing education courses offer an effective combination of practical relevance and theoretical foundation, as well as targeted incorporation of the latest national and international research outcomes.

If you work in an international setting – or would like to do so – FHNW offers excellent qualification opportunities to enable you to meet fresh career challenges.

School of Business FHNW

The School of Business FHNW offers over 120 academic and practice-oriented programmes in continuing education in Olten, Basel, Brugg-Windisch and Zürich covering the following business and management topics:

MBA FHNW / Edinburgh Business School

In-depth study of business management principles

to MBA FHNW / Edinburgh Business School

Blogging – professional & personalised

Learn how to blog & to operate your blog with feedback

to Blogging – professional & personalised

Swiss Asian MBA FHNW

Combining Swiss MBA-Tradition with Interactive Blended Learning Methods

to Swiss Asian MBA FHNW

School of Life Sciences FHNW

The School of Life Sciences FHNW offers you theoretical and practical training on up-to-date topics in the fields of environmental protection, pharmaceutical management and process safety. Topicality and Relevance are key when it comes to our course offering.Our courses are aimed at university graduates and people with an equivalent qualification.

MAS in Umwelttechnik und -management

to MAS in Umwelttechnik und -management

CAS Entwicklung und Umwelt

to CAS Entwicklung und Umwelt

CAS Industrie und Umwelt

to CAS Industrie und Umwelt

CAS Management und Umwelt

to CAS Management und Umwelt

CAS Umweltrecht und Vollzug

to CAS Umweltrecht und Vollzug

CAS Prozesssicherheit

to CAS Prozesssicherheit

CAS Quality Manager Pharma

to CAS Quality Manager Pharma
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