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Advanced systems and solutions for better practices against hazards in the aviation system

Project data

Duration: 1.10.2022–30.9.2026

ALBATROS project website

ALBATROS is a Horizon Europe-funded project whose overarching ambition is to maintain a high level of safety and resilience in aviation in view of extreme weather conditions, and expected changes brought about by the evolution of aviation systems. It especially considers new fuel and energy systems (including hydrogen) which will be integrated in the coming years into both future aircraft and airport infrastructures.

ALBATROS aims to develop concepts for sharing safety data and best practices to increase aircraft safety. It will also develop no prediction models for emerging and future hazards and will develop new training concepts.


Dr. Christopher Scherb
Dr. Christopher Scherb

Lecturer Digital Trust, Institute for Information Systems

Telephone +41 61 279 19 15 (direct)