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The measurement of particles in air characterized as black carbon is important both for its role in climate change and as a measure of combustion products associated with health effects. Measurements are made very widely, and compact, precise, real-time, relatively inexpensive instruments are available. Although it is conceptually a simple measure of the light absorbing properties of airborne particles, the metric does not currently have SI traceability, with consequences for the comparability and interpretation of data. The project will provide a workable solution to this major problem, with widespread benefits across the worlds of both climate change and air quality.

The Role of FHNW

The Institute for Aerosol and Sensor Technology (IAST) at FHNW has long experience in aerosol measurement and characterization. The Institute's main expertise is in the development of new measurement techniques for aerosols with a special focus on particle emissions from combustion processes. Their role within the project is primarily to bring their world-leading expertise in the technique of photothermal interferometry into the project.

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Prof. Dr. Ernest Weingartner
Prof. Dr. Ernest Weingartner Lecturer in Sensor and Aerosol Technology
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