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INSPIREWATER demonstrates a holistic approach for water management in the process industry using innovative technology solutions from European companies to increase water and resource efficiency in the process industry. This will put Europe as a leader on the world market for segments in industrial water treatment which will create new high skilled jobs in Europe.

With extended collaboration between technology providers including innovative SME’s, world-wide active companies in the chemical and steel industries and research organizations, this project also contributes to the aims of the SPIRE SRA, the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on 'Water' and to the aims of the Commission’s Roadmap on Resource efficiency, supporting effective implementation of European directives and policies in the water management area.

INSPIREWATER addresses non-technical barriers as well as technical, as innovation needs both components and demonstrates them in the steel and chemical industry. A flexible system for water management in industries that can be integrated to existing systems is worked out and demonstrated to facilitate implementation of technical innovations. Technical innovations in the area of selected membrane technologies, strong field magnetic particle separator, and a catalyst to prevent biofouling are demonstrated, including valorisation of waste heat. This will increase process water efficiency as well as resource, water and energy savings in the process industry.

The development and demonstration work is combined with a strong emphasis on exploitation and dissemination. Specific exploitation strategies are developed for the different solutions in INSPIREWATER. Dissemination targets different target groups: Stakeholders in different process industry also beyond the involved ones, e.g. Pulp and paper, but also policy makers based on the findings of the project.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Wintgens
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wintgens

Lecturer in environmental and water technologies

Telephone +41 61 228 55 31 (direct)


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