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Mar 24, 2020 | University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

Urgent appeal to publishers

Publishers should open up access to scientific publications and thus support research on Covid-19.

swissuniversities, the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries appeal to all publishing house: «Remove paywalls on scientific publications!»

The Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries, swissuniversities and the SNSF support the appeal of the International Coalition of Library Consortia ICOLC. In the current exceptional circumstances, they are asking scientific publishers to make their publications accessible without charge and stand shoulder to shoulder in efforts to tackle the crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic highlights how important it is that scientific publications be accessible around the world. Accessibility is all too often limited by licences and subscriptions. Scientific results need to be shared immediately and transparently to bolster the fight against the new virus.

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