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Florian Jakob

Florian Jakob

Florian Jakob

Activities at FHNW

Research Associate



  • Master of Science in Geography (2012-2014), specialisation in economic geography, sustainable (regional-) development as well as methods
    Master thesis: Empowerment and Self-Reliance through Alternative Economies? The Example of Alternative Food Networks in the Canton Bern, Switzerland.
  • Bachelor of Science in Geography with Minor in  Political Science (2008-2012)
  • CAS Data Analysis (2017)


  • Project manager with PLANVAL AG (05/2019-01/2020)
  • Research Associate with the Federal Department of Agriculture (01/2015-05/2019)
  • Research Associate with the Dept. Economic Geography of the University of Berne (2013-2014)


  • Sustainable regional development
  • Development of communities
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Agriculture and Nutrition
  • Alternative Economies


  • Community and regional adaptation to climate change
  • Regional development
  • Innovation (particularly in the area of «Food»)
  • Cluster, innovation systems
  • Valuation


  • Clim’Ability Design: Anpassung von KMU im Oberrhein ans Klima fördern (FHNW; Laufzeit 2019-2022) = promotion of the adaptation of SME and areas to the effects of climate change in the upper rhine valley -> projectlead
  •  Projekt zur regionalen Entwicklung (PRE) Saanenland (FHNW; Laufzeit 2020-2021) = project for regional development -> project lead
  • Projekt zur regionalen Entwicklung (PRE) Hauptstadt-Land (FHNW, Laufzeit 2020-2021) = project for regional development -> project lead
  •  «Zukunft Saanen»: Gemeindeentwicklungsprojekt der Einwohnergemeinde Saanen (PLANVAL AG; Laufzeit 2019-2020) = development of the community of Saanen/BE -> project collaboration
  • Kanton St. Gallen: Kantonale Strategie zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel = Cantonal strategy for adaptation to climate change (PLANVAL AG; Laufzeit 2019-2021) -> project collaboration
  • Massnahmen zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel in den Gemeinden (PLANVAL AG; Laufzeit 2018-2019) = measures for adaptation to climate change in communities-> project work

Publications and Presentations

  • Haisch, T., Jakob, F., Mayer, H. (2014): Actor-specific resilience in resource-dependent communities - shock perception and adaptive strategies of different actors in Grindelwald. CRED Bericht Nr.2, Bern.
  • Jakob, F. & Probst T. (2019). Landschaft als Leitthema für eine nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung. KBNL Inside 3/2019, Herisau.

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