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Prof. Matthieu Michel

Prof. Matthieu Michel

Prof. Matthieu Michel

Curriculum Vitae

Described as one of Europe’s finest voice on the trumpet and flugelhorn. His phrasing and melodic direction out of commun run, which does of Matthieu MICHEL one of the most solicited musician: for over two decades, it has put his exceptional qualities of soloist at the service of an incalculable number of projects.

Born 1963 in Fribourg (ch), lives in Vevey (ch).

Started to play the trumpet at the age of 6. Later on, around 18th, he had some private study’s with Americo Bellotto.

Matthieu has been touring around 40 different countries and his work has been documented on over 350 recordings.

Some of his recordings include «Blue Light», first record released at the time he was leaving in Berlin. «Yves» by MM 5tet, «Estate» with Richard Galliano, «Benji»  and  «  Whispers  »  with  Jean-Christophe      Cholet,

«Okipik» and «The Sadness of Yuki» duo recordings with Uli Scherer and the celebrated release with the actual band «Live at Theatre Oriental» with his actual 4Tet.