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Dr. Maurizio Gullo

Dr. Maurizio Gullo

Dr. Maurizio Gullo

Activities at the FHNW

Lableader 3D bioprinting and biohybrid microsystems


The vision the 3D Bioprinting Group is to build cell-based biohybrid systems aimed for organs-on-chips as well as for implants aimed to enable personalized therapies/drugs and promote preventive healthcare respectively.  With this goal in mind, the 3D Bioprinting Group was able to strengthen and prove its competences in the following fields:

3D Bioprinting

  • Bioprinting of vascularized and innervated thick tissues.
  • Toxicological assays (body on chip, 3R Animal Free Research).
  • Cell and extracellular matrix based functional micro implants.
  • Cell-laden hydrogels, single and multicellular.
  • Bioinert support materials.
  • Ceramics for dental implants.
  • Modelling, simulation and validation of 3D printing processes.

Biohybrid Microsystems

  • Cell based micro robotics.
  • Bioengineered neuromuscular junctions.

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Institute for Medical Engineering and Medical Informatics

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