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Prof. Dr. Thomas Geisen

Prof. Dr. Thomas Geisen

Prof. Dr. Thomas Geisen

Undergraduate and postgraduate education and work experience

  • PhD in Sociology from the University of Basel (Switzerland)
  • Graduated as a social worker/social educator from the Catholic School of Social Work in Saarbrücken (Germany), Magister Artium in Sociology from the University of Trier (Germany) and Master of Arts in Politics from the London Guildhall University (United Kingdom).
  • Professional activities outside the university in migration social work, open and stationary youth welfare, as well as in adult education/continuing education.
  • Member of the Management Board of the integration company Öko-Service GmbH in Zurich.
  • Ongoing continuing education in the fields of work integration and disability management, as well as migration and migration social work.

Main focus

Fourfold performance mandate in teaching/research & development/continuing education/services address the topics of work integration and integration management/disability management as well as work, mobility and migration.

Further information

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