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Career Path Toolkit

A tool for practice in your company.

Benefits and goals

The career path toolkit is an instrument that is used for in-company employee development to guide employees in planning and structuring their career paths.

Benefits and goals:

  • Support for employees in examining their individual career path, competencies and goals
  • Increasing their awareness of critical challenges in different phases of life
  • Challenging them to reflect
  • Introducing career path perspectives
  • Contributing to employee retention

Interactive tools, check lists and information sheets are available to help employees assess their current situation and plan their future career path. The career path toolkit answers questions such as “Where do I stand? Where am I heading? What are my strengths?”

The career path toolkit was originally developed in the context of a KTI research and development project for the health care sector (publicly available at The basic concept of the career path toolkit can however be used in all employment sectors.

The career path toolkit is also used in post-graduate education, in two master’s programmes at the School of Business FHNW. It helps students to effectively plan and structure their professional development or a change of career path.

Our offer

A career path toolkit for your business?

Experts from the Institute for Human Resource Management will work with you to develop a tool that is tailored to the needs of your company and will support you in implementing it in your day-to-day business.

Motivate your employees to plan their career path

We would be happy to conduct continuing education courses tailored to your company on the topic of career path planning for employees and management.


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