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Bioprocess Technology

Production of recombinant proteins and cell products with automated and linked processes.

Recombinant proteins such as antibodies are up to 1,000 times larger and more complicated molecules than classical drugs such as aspirin. Novel therapies whose administered products rely on viral vectors, exosomes or modified cells are even more complex. The production of these large molecules and cell products is correspondingly difficult, expensive and time-consuming.

Bioprocess technology teaches, develops and optimizes such biopharmaceutical production processes to produce sufficient material and, above all, with the desired product quality. New technologies and process approaches as well as traditional cell cultures and purification steps are used to map the entire process chain from the initial cell line to the finished product. Particular attention is paid to innovative measurement and control technology in order to be able to develop production-oriented solutions with automated and interconnected processes.

Competencies and Laboratory Equipment

  • Cultivation of microbial organisms and mammalian cells
  • Optimization and handling of cell lines and media
  • Simulation and design of process flows including upstream and downstream processing
  • Execution of batch, fed-batch and continuous processes in the following fermenters: stainless steel (20 liters), glass (2-10 liters) and single-use fermenter
  • Continuous processing through alternating tangential flow technology (ATF)
  • Separation of biomass by means of membranes and hollow fibers
  • Purification and processing of cultivated proteins by chromatographic methods and filtration (Cell harvest clarification, TFF, UF/DF)
  • Analytics for process monitoring (PAT)
  • Digitization: Inline/online sensors (Raman, capacitive sensors etc), data visualization, advanced modeling and process control
  • Characterization of the products with state-of-the-art analytical methods
  • Application in teaching and application-oriented research with industry


  • Practical training from initial cell cultures to the final drug substance
  • Applied research in the field of bioprocess development and manufacturing
  • Manufacture of biopharmaceutical products for research projects

Institute for Pharma Technology

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland School of Life Sciences, Institute for Pharma Technology Hofackerstrasse 30 CH - 4132 Muttenz
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