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Student Projects

Have you got a project idea? Our students can make it reality!

During their studies, our students have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. We are seeking interesting openings for these projects. We offer two Bachelor degree courses and a Master degree course which meet the educational demands of young people, business and society. Students at the School of Life Sciences FHNW are prepared for work in the attractive life sciences job market, which offers excellent career prospects. 

Creative solutions with the latest innovations

Student projects and theses (Bsc and Msc) offer businesses and institutions an ideal way to tackle complex problems under the guidance of lecturers and FHNW scientific staff. Student projects offer an ideal solution where internal resources are limited.

Students benefit from an ideal linking of theory and practice in the context of current projects, not to mention making initial contact with potential employers.

You can submit your project using the online form or by contacting the person in charge. 



Examples of BSc theses

Analysis of excipient effects at the oil/water interface for a rational formulation development
Student: Simon Bachler
Partner: Institut für Pharma Technology

Bacterial Diversity In Five Different Waste Water Treatment Plants
Student: Begrich, Annette

Beneficial Effects of selected herbal extracts on metabolic master switches - Determination of the potential activation of AMPK
Student: Ragunath Ananthavettivelu

Plastic Pellets as potential Shuttles for the Transport of Vibrio coalliilyticus
Student: Theresa Felix

Ecotoxicological analysis of glyphosate and lisinopril
Student: Nicolas Munz

Effect of gamma irradiation in the structural and functional properties of splenic cells response
Student: Yanik Deana

Molecular Identification of Voltage-dependent Potassium Channels and Angiotensin II Receptors in the Diabetic Brain
Student: Stefan Zeiter

Establishing a screening system in iPSC derived myotubes for imaging calcium dynamics
Student: Nicole Pina

Influence of UPR-pathway on stellate cell activation
Student: Nicole Nyfeler

Synthesis of di- and tri-(2H-1,2,3-triazol-2-yl)benzoic acids
Student: Remo Roth

Particle engineering for His-Tag protein immobilization and their shielding
Student: Samuel Baiges

Effects of the Storage Conditions on the Stability of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type-1 and Hepatitis B Virus Viral Load and Infectivity
Student: Julian Bartel

Development and validation of a TaqMan Assay for monitoring of crayfish using eDNA markers
Student: Beryll Klingler

Establishing a Two-Plasmid System for the Selection of Active ZincFinger-Flp Mutants in the Context of Directed Evolution
Student: Jonas Michael Hartmann
Partner: Institut für Chemie und Bioanalytik


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