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Historical Performance Practice

This area of research is concerned with the technical aspects of playing Early Music: from its historical context to the source material right up to its interpretation and performance.

A critical approach to sources and careful examination of interpretive approaches are essential to the performance of Early Music. Our research deals with subjects and issues related to historically-informed musical practice, develops the requisite groundwork and shares this with musicians. Our findings are used in teaching, concert performances and CD recordings.

Overview and results of the research projects:


Motet cycles (c.1470-c.1510)

Compositional design, performance and cultural context

to Motet cycles (c.1470-c.1510)

Basel Bibliography of Historical Music Practice

to Basel Bibliography of Historical Music Practice

"… vnd machens nur aus dem Synn"

Improvisational practices of 16th and 17th century trumpet ensembles

to "… vnd machens nur aus dem Synn"

Polifonia sforzesca

The Motet Cycles in the Milanese Libroni: Between Liturgy, Devotion and Ducal Patronage

to Polifonia sforzesca