Bocal graphs

Graph 1 depicts a comparison of calculated internal diameters of six surviving fagottino bocals, starting at the smaller reed end.

1. Comparison of six fagottino bocals – internal ø

Graph 2 shows differences in diameters and lengths between the two models, FT29 Scherer and FT13 Delusse.

2. Comparison of FT29 and FT13 bocals

Moreover, Graph 3 illustrates that the diameter trend of FT13 Delusse is very similar to that of FT20 Müller, although shorter in length.

3. Comparison of FT13 and FT20
Bocal diameter key points
Bocal lengths

A very large amount of raw bocal measurement data was compiled and compared to be used in this study. Please contact us if you wish to receive this specific information.