Finally, the World Finals have started

15. September 2023

After our long study break, where we had enough time to finalize our Rover, we arrived in Kielce, Poland, for the World Finals of the European Rover Challenge 2023. After a long drive, we unloaded the vehicles and tested our Rover on the Mars Yard. During the ERC, we have to do 4 Tasks. Beginning with the Navigation Task, where we have to navigate our Rover through the Mars Yard from point A to point B. The second task is the Science Task, where we have to explore the Mars Yard, take some Samples and fly with our Drone. After the Science Task, we have to do the Maintenance Task. This task is almost the same as we had at the RoverTräff a few months ago. The last task we have to do is the Presentation Task, where we have to present our Project to the jury and face their questions.

Updates will follow soon..

If you can’t wait to see some Pictures and Videos of our Rover in action and be up-to-date about the ERC join our community on Instagram.

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    Well done, congrats👍👍


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