In the beginning…

23. December 2021

How 7 students got the idea of building a rover and conquering the martian surface.

It all started in June 2021 with three electrical engineering undergraduates who had the idea of competing in the european rover challenge. Quickly, four mechanical engineering students joined the team and they got to work. Ideas were gathered, sponsors searched for and coaches were found. As all of the students started their third semester in the fall of 2021, they would work on the rover as their third and fourth semester project P3 & P4. With the help of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (short: FHNW) the hope to bring a rover to live over the course of a full year.

In September 2021, the school semester started and with it the concept phase. The team was split into the different categories like Drivetrain, Arm, Battery Management, Software & Communication. The individual teams drew up their ideas and started their sketches, software concepts and searched for components.

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