The Story of the lonely Rover

31. January 2024

A long time ago, or as other people would say last September, our Rover Thommen returned from Kielce, Poland. He had a good time with all his friends and family there, but shortly after, he got lonely. He sought new family members and found seven new young students willing to help him build a new brother. Thommen and his family worked hard to build his brother, and it took a while to plan everything.

During this time, some old, and even new sponsors joined the journey of building the next Rover. The Rover Thommen and his family decided the new Rover should listen to Hufi. Hufi will have a highly improved drivetrain and more automation than Thommen. Hufi will also come in a new design.

Hufi is the nickname of Prof. Dr. Hufschmid. Prof. Dr. Hufschmid was a lecturer in the area of communication technology and signal processing. Therefore, most of the electrical engineering students visited some of his lectures. Next to this, he was responsible for the Electrical Engineering profile of the Master of Science in Engineering MSE at our University.

Prof. Dr. Markus Hufschmid

Prof. Dr. Hufschmid is going on his well-earned retirement. He held good lectures for a long time and always had an anecdote ready during his lectures.

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