1. June 2022

We are looking for new team members. Which meens we are looking for you!

Are you a FHNW School of Engineering Student? Do you want to join our team and work on our rover during your semester projects? We are looking for students that start their third or fifth semester in the fall of 2022 and study in one of the following fields:
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science
Systems Engineering
With us you have the chance to work on a project combining different fields of studies and get credits for your P3/4/5 or even for your bachelor thesis. Your work will depend on your abilities, field of study and semester, but here is a list of possible work topics:

Power Electronics & Wiring
Control Electronics
Communication Systems
Control Software based on Python, ROS2 and Ubuntu
Autonomous Software
Computer Vision
Safety Systems
Drivetrain and Suspension Systems
Manipulator and End-Effector Simulation
Project Management
& writing Blog Posts

If you are interested or want to learn more, feel free to contact Joel Becker (

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