The nanoLab was established at the School of Life Sciences in 2000 and since then our focus lies on Nanotechnology. We are well equipped with the latest state of the art instruments such as EMs, AFM, IR/Raman XPS (see https://www.fhnw.ch/plattformen/nanolab/facility-equipment/) to investigate nanosized structures, particles & colloids.

Due to the raising concerns and upcoming regulations of nanosized structures we are currently improving our analysis methods towards lower detection limits, multi sampling and automatization. 

We offer:  


  • Synthesis & development of nano-based products & processes
  • Implementation of nano sized effects in products  & processes


  • Customized Methods to detect nanomaterials, particles & agglomerates
  • Tailored high troughput applications for quality control 
  • Clear declaration of nanosized material