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Welcome Elisa Gianfreda!

Elisa Gianfreda started her 8 month Master project in July 2022 with the title “Realistic artificial eye model to test ophthalmic surgical instruments for ILM peeling of the retina” in the NanoLab. The project is a collaboration with Dr. Grübler from Alcon Grieshaber. We wish her a good start and an exciting…

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Welcome Alessandro Stumpo!

Alessandro Stumpo started his PhD project in August 2021 with the title “Goldnanoparticle assemblies for SERS based detection of EGFR expressing ovarian cancer cells in tumor xenografts” in the NanoLab. It is a collaboration with Prof.Dr. V. Heinzelmanns group from University Hospital Basel , Prof. Dr. Scott McNeil from University of…

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Latest Event: SNI NanoTech Apéro at Omya AG in Egerkingen

Invitation to the NanoTech Apéro of the Swiss NanoScience Institute.

Projects, Biodiesel contamination

Check it out! New Article of the Biodiesel Projekt with Bako AG in “Aargauer Zeitung”

Damit der Diesel im Baustellentank «clean» bleibtScreenshot of Aargauer Zeitung Aargauer Zeitung “Damit der Diesel im Baustellentank «clean» bleibt”Was tun, wenn Baumaschinen aus unerklärlichen Gründen ausfallen? Und bei Tankkontrollen auf Baustellen immer öfter Schmutz im Diesel entdeckt wird? Die Bako…

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P11 – an innovative self assembling peptide for biocompatible hydrogels

P11 - an innovative self assembling peptide for biocompatible hydrogels developed by nanoLab and applied in various dental application e.g. Curolox@ technology by credentis AG.

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Congratulations to Samuel Regenass, BSc!

Samuel Regenass successfully finished his Bachelor project in August 2021 with the title “Kinetic characterization of the P11-4 self-assembly behaviour” in the NanoLab in collaboration with credentis AG and is supervised by Michael Hug, Dr. Dominik Lysek and Dr. Lucy Kind Samuel Regenass on Linkedin…


Congratulation to Seraina Hofmann BSc!

BSc Project of Seraina Hofmann

Projects, Nanoparticles in complex matrices

“Less is more” – High-throughput nanoparticle detection for quality control of complex food matrices

Method of low concentrated nanoparticles in complex matrices is developed to quantify possible [nano] contamination.

Projects, Biodiesel contamination

Dieselverschmutzung in Baustellentanks

Untersuchung von vermehrter Dieselkontaminationen in Baustellentanks.