Facility and Equipment

The NanoLab is well equipped with instruments used for synthesis and characterizion of structures, colloids, macromolecules in micro- and nanometer range. Our instruments operate in general in both method development (e.g. for large sample measurement) and research & troubleshooting range (small sample size, high resolution).

NanoLab – Facility & Equipment, NEWS

Set up a Raman microscope guided by augmented reality

The use of augmented reality (AR) was tested on our Raman Microscope, which usually requires a thorough training in order to set it up and obtain precise laser parameters. An AR guided standard operation procedure was prepared with Inspect AR software (Augment IT by Necetera AG) and instantaneously instructs…

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A peek into current nanoLab:

Bruker MCT Skyscan 1172


Bruker Multimode® HR8

ZEISS Supra VP40 (FE cathode, SE2, inLens ,Backscatter, EDX)

ZEISS Evo 40 (Variable Pressure, SE2, EDX)


PHI 5800, (Mg/Al Twin gun, Al Monochromator, Ar Sputter unit)

EP3 Imaging ellipsometer

Savant Speed Vac SVC100

Olympus LEXT OLS3000

Olympus BX51 (BF,DF,DIC, Fluorescence)

Olympus SZX12 (Stereomicroscope)

Plasma electronics Piccolo


WITec Alpha 300R

Agilent FTIR Imaging System (Spectrometer& Microscope)

Krüss DAS 10 Mk2

Krüss K100

Q-sense E4 QCM-D

Mini Sputter Coater  Quorum Technologies SC7620