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Set up a Raman microscope guided by augmented reality

10. January 2022

The use of augmented reality (AR) was tested on our Raman Microscope, which usually requires a thorough training in order to set it up and obtain precise laser parameters. An AR guided standard operation procedure was prepared with Inspect AR software (Augment IT by Necetera AG) and instantaneously instructs microscope users wearing a Microsoft HoloLens. This will be beneficial to train complicated procedures and/or lower the risk of high maintenance cost for delicate instruments with a large turnover of users, a common situation at Universities.

Video of Inspect AR applied on our Raman Microscope


Sina Saxer

Head of nanoLab


FHNW – School of Life Sciences
Hofackerstrasse 30
4132 Muttenz

Tags: AR, AR in the Lab, augmented reality, HoloLens, Inspect AR, Raman Microscope

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