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The Visual Construction of Meaning in Digital Networks

30.08.2021 | Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Institut Digitale Kommunikations-Umgebungen

Forschende und Dozierende der Visuellen Kommunikation beteiligen sich mit einem Kolloquium unter dem Titel "The Form of Images and Their Discursive Effects" an der Jahreskonferenz des "the Image research network".

Anhand von fünf englischsprachigen Beiträgen wird das Thema diskutiert. Die Beiträge stehen in Zusammenhang mit aktuellen Forschungsprojekten am Institut.

"A first contribution focuses on teaching. We explore how images trigger the reflection of design students, either to involve in the discourse of image theory or to activate a process of image-making that challenges the habitual design practice and engages in practice-led iconic research.

The second article deals with a historically documented design exercise. Design aims at communicating in visual signs but must consider the changeability of image meaning. In order to observe how the meaning of images changes in relation to others, students generate various pairs of images.

A third contribution deals with enabling participations, in the training of language skills after illnesses or in the inclusion of different viewpoints in participatory urban planning processes. The central question of our research is how different forms of images can foster rehabilitation or participation.

A fourth contribution inquires how we negotiate the supposed truth in images in two cases: 1. pictures resulting from gesture processes and their personal signature; 2. photography and its accurate representation of reality – a claim that will be explored in respect to the materiality and space of architecture.

A final paper focuses on the act of form finding: The designer negotiates not only with the image in the making, but also with the icons, control panels and functions of the software. This contribution will inquire this setting of the design process and the internalized act of negotiation."

Beteiligte Personen sind Sandra Bischler, Viola Diehl, Susanne Käser, Paloma Lopez, Michael Renner, Claire Reymond, Arno Schubbach, Kambiz Shafei sowie Natascha Tümpel.

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