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SUGGESTED VIEWING: “Cooking w/stories”

“Cooking w/stories” directed by Mayar El-Bakry and Maya Ober at the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial “Empathy Revisited”.

27.11.2020 |

“Cooking w/stories” – a film directed by Mayar El-Bakry and Maya Ober (Institute of Industrial Design and Institute of Aesthetic Practice and Theory) is streamed within the “Critical Cooking Show” at the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial “Empathy Revisited” curated by Mariana Pestana.

The film is an experimental visual document that intimately embraces the overlooked, invisible, marginalised design that surrounds us, drawing on personal memories, experiences and the collections of mundane kitchen tools gathered over the years and brought to Europe upon emigrating.

In the film, storylines of memories, activities and sensual experiences are carefully interwoven and brought to life through a combination of sound, moving images, photographs and texts. In this way, overlooked narratives unfold and offer the view of a rich landscape, instead of the binaries that prevail in both design and cooking.

Please see the video and get further information by following this link:

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