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SUGGESTED: inCC: Open Call for Creatives

27.5.2021 | Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel

As designers we are used to direct and fast exchange. The required contact restrictions challenge us to question how to deal with our creativity. How can we generate new ideas from ourselves?

Based on this question, the project "inCC" was initiated by the Master students Stella Auburger and Lisa Cipriano, in which different forms of creative exchange are used experimentally. "inCC" is a manifesto for multidisciplinary creative collaborations. A project that investigates how to find new ways of being creative, getting inspired and working together. By different serial experiments we want to invite creatives across all disciplines and countries to participate on varying topics.

You can become part of a collective visual playground or engage in a visual dialogue with others. At the moment there are two Open Calls running to attend:

01 OPEN CALL – STILLLIFE You are invited to create your interpretation of the theme "still life“ – referring as an association to our current everyday life. It might be an illustration, graphic, video, text or any in between, everything is allowed.

02 CALL FOR ENTRIES We are looking for creatives who want to design a reinterpretation of an artwork to engage in a visual dialogue with another creative you don’t know. We want to explore what happens when creatives, thinkers, tools and attitudes collide without a personal exchange. The processing time is three days.

All works will be documented @incc.collection on instagram and manifested in four upcoming publication. We are excited to receive your artworks!

Masterstudio Design (MA)

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