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Neue Publikation: Themenheft «Cultivating Children and Youth: Transnational Explorations of the Urban and the Natural»

History of Education – Journal of the History of Education Society (Jahrgang 49, Heft 4, 2020)

Cover Cultivating Children and Youth.jpgThis special issue explores specific educational historical discourses and practices with regard to introducing the (urban) child to nature – for instance by means of school gardening, scouting, literature. In the past until today there was/is a concern that children – growing up in cities and industrialized environments – become increasingly divorced from the natural environment. A separation that was/is believed to negatively impact on children’s knowledge of nature, their psychological development, self-concept and preparations for responsible citizenship. The different contributions illustrate this continuous concern with children and their relationship with the natural world and demonstrate the common desire that something should be done, that engagement with nature was an educative tool for the future both of children and society.

Editors: Ian Grosvenor, Frederik Herman & Siân Roberts


  • Editorial: Cultivating children and youth: transnational explorations of the urban and the natural -Ian Grosvenor , Frederik Herman & Siân Roberts - Pages: 435-439
  • ‘Nature’ in German colonial literature for children and young people -Elke Kleinau & Lilli Riettiens - Pages: 440-458
  • The urban and the natural in education reform: the development of Hamburg Schullandheime (rural school hostels) in the 1920s- Christine Mayer - Pages: 459-475
  • Natura et urbis in the socio-educational renovation of Barcelona City Council (1909–1933)- Francisca Comas Rubí & Sara González Gómez - Pages: 476-497
  • Cultivating an ‘earthly paradise’: nature, informal education, and the contested politics of youth citizenship, 1910s–1940s- Siân Roberts - Pages: 498-516
  • ‘Dirt and the child’: a textual and visual exploration of children’s physical engagement with the urban and the natural world- Ian Grosvenor & Kevin Myers - Pages: 517-535
  • The multiple logics of school gardening: a ‘return to nature’ or ‘love of labour’? -Elsie Rockwell - Pages: 536-552
  • Images of industrial life and vocational training: Scouting as a liminal space for educating a workers’ elite in 1920s Luxembourg- Frederik Herman & Karin Priem - Pages: 553-570
  • From savages to capitalists: progressive images of education in the UK and the USA (1920–1939)- Sjaak Braster & María del Mar del Pozo Andrés - Pages: 571-595


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