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Neue Publikation: Themenheft «Bodies and Minds in Education»

History of Education – Journal of the History of Education Society, 48/4 (2019)

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This special issue explores various body-mind conceptualisations and configurations within different educational contexts. The different contributions focus on concrete manifestations of mind-body entanglements, identifying the fluctuating conceptualisations that have made it possible for a series of mind-body configurations to emerge and exploring how the bodies and minds in these specific cases relate to each other and are (re-)scaped and (re-)shaped over time. The contributions also show how these ‘body-mind-scapes’ have interacted with other spheres of influence (e.g., the economic, social, political, medical and scientific spheres) and how this has resulted in specific cultural and educational discourses and practices.


  • Herman, Frederik/Hofmann, Michèle: Bodies and minds in education (editorial)
  • Hofmann, Michèle: A weak mind in a weak body? Categorising intellectually disabled children in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Switzerland
  • Ryan, Ann Marie: Catholic minds/bodies–souls: Catholic schools and eugenic inspired educational reforms in the United States, 1915–1952
  • Alix, Sébastien-Akira: The hand as agent of the mind? The irony of manual training reform in Menomonie, Wisconsin (1890–1920)
  • Thyssen, Geert/Herman, Frederik: Re-turning matters of body_mind: articulations of ill-/health and energy/fatigue gathered through vocational and health education
  • Exalto, John: Sexual hygiene: Dutch reflections on the adolescent body in the early twentieth century
  • Rothmüller, Barbara: From ‘puritanical goosebumps’ to the nostalgic longing for heterosexual harmony: the emotional organisation of sexuality in relationship education in the 1970s and 1980s
  • Hutt, Ethan L.: Afterword (part 1): the practice of attending to bodies and minds in education
  • Novella, Enric: Afterword (part 2): governing bodies and minds

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