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English Program

The goal of the English program at the School of Engineering is to provide you with the language skills to help you become and remain competitive.

In every country and culture, English is acknowledged as being the leading language of science and technology. As an engineer, your ability to communicate successfully in English can help you synthesize the latest research, connect with colleagues, and advance your engineering career. 


Our English program is designed with Engineers’ communication needs in mind. The program focusses on the key communication skills that engineers need to succeed: listening, speaking, reading and writing. During our program, students learn technical language and terminology and learn how to implement this by describing various processes, products, problems and solutions.


Our goal is to promote collaboration within teams, develop writing skills to enable students to share research results and new ideas with colleagues, as well as to strengthen their presentation and oral communication skills and build confidence.


Our English modules are divided into Core modules (Den1, Den2, Ten1, Ten2) and Elective modules:

Placement test

Students entering the college are required to do an online placement test, the results of which are used to place them either in the core or elective modules and are required to complete a total of 8 credits (4 courses) in English during the course of their studies.

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