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Innovation Lab (IL)

The Innovation Lab focuses on educational issues and the impact of art and design-based practices, and develops therefrom innovative teaching formats such as CoCreate.

The Innovation Lab (IL) is part of the Institute Arts and Design Education (IADE) and focuses on questions dealing with the communication and impact of artistic, creative, and design-based practices. It is here that reflection, experiment, and dialogue meet. Art and Design are seen as a field where new ideas unfold and take effect. IL is the place where new ideas concerning peaceful coexistence, multi-perspectivity, inclusion, diversity and sustainability are developed. Here innovation means modelling and testing new approaches to old problems. Aesthetic practices give rise to new research questions and projects. IL builds on collaborative and cross-disciplinary work modes and enhances the dialogue between theory and practice in the fields of Aesthetic Thinking, Aesthetic Practices, Aesthetic Criticism and Judgment, the future of Teaching and Learning, Digitalization & Digital Aesthetics, Food and Food Contexts and Production, respectively, and Culinary Practices.