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10.1.2023 | School of Business

New Double Degree with Singapore University of Social Sciences

The partnership opens new opportunities for students in the Master’s programme International Management.

FHNW School of Business and the Office of Graduate Studies of the Singapore University of Social Sciences have announced three double degree programmes. This partnership will allow FHNW students to pursue an additional Master's degree in Digital Marketing, Management, or Finance with more focus on FinTech during the study duration.

In addition to gaining valuable knowledge and skills in their chosen field, students will also have the opportunity to develop intercultural competencies and build a global network. This will provide them with a competitive edge in an increasingly globalised and digitally driven job market. In addition, these degrees will give students the chance to specialise in a rapidly growing and in-demand area of study.

«The new double degree program between FHNW School of Business and Singapore University of Social Sciences is a great opportunity for our students to enhance their education and career prospects, while also gaining valuable international experience.»

Prof. Dr. Lynn Lim, Programme Head Master of Science in International Management

FHNW is the first Swiss University of Applied Sciences and Arts to partner a double degree with a government-funded autonomous university in Singapore. The new double degree expands the portfolio of the MSc International Management of more than a dozen double degrees in six countries.

Master's degree in International Management

The Master of Science (MSc) in International Management provides students the opportunity to pursue a career in a globalising world by developing a creative mindset through personalised projects and research.

MSc International Management