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14.5.2021 | School of Business

Successful launch of an international project series for the FHNW

As co-organiser, the FHNW School of Business established the “Borderless Data Analysis Video Competition”, an innovative project series to promote international academic collaboration in the digital age.

Together with the University of Newcastle and the Nihon University, the FHNW School of Business launched an interuniversity digital data analysis competition in the spring of 2021. With the aim of promoting international collaboration in research, the “Borderless Data Analysis Video Competition” brings together students from different parts of the world and academic disciplines to address the global problems facing society today.

During a four-week collaboration phase and via digital platforms, the international research groups worked on their projects.

The cooperation with the students from different countries was a great enrichment. Besides the valuable experience of carrying out a project exclusively via digital communication channels in such a short time, we were able to learn a lot from each other and the respective cultures.

Linda Messerli, BSc Business Administration (International Management)

For the FHNW School of Business, the first edition of this competition was a great success, not only from the perspective of a co-organiser, as two students from the FHNW were among the three winning teams.

With the analysis of safety statistics for female travelers in the London public transport system as well as with an evaluation of unemployment statistics after the first wave of the pandemic in 2020, the two business students Linda Messerli and Jessica Bieselt ranked second and third with their respective project groups.

The judges panel was impressed by the quality of the three award-winning projects, which already set the bar quite high for the upcoming competitions. We can therefore look forward to what the project groups will come up with in the next editions.

This competition has proven that no matter what you study and from which country you are, you can work together successfully despite coming from different cultures and time zones. It is a great example that shows how cooperation with partner universities can be further strengthened in the future. Especially for International Management students like me, projects like this are extremely valuable for improving communication skills as well as for expanding one's own international network.

Linda Messerli, BSc Business Administration (International Management)