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Mission, Values

We educate innovative and responsible managers for a networked and dynamic world.

There are four central aspects of our self-image as a Swiss business school that we would like to emphasize in our mission:

  • We are an academic institution with a strong focus on practice-oriented education based on applied research in business administration, economics, and business information technology.
  • We offer high quality study programmes tailored to the needs of individuals in leadership positions or those
    who would like to qualify for such positions.
  • All of our activities in research, education, and consulting aim at enhancing our clients` ability to solve
    real world problems and to master challenges in their fields of business.
  • We take into account the environment of our stakeholders, which is particularly characterized by an international network. This is based on the fact that Swiss companies, whether large or small, are highly dependent upon exports.


  • We are an institution that promotes a sense of responsibility and the ability to handle change, diversity, and sustainability.
  • We are committed to the freedom of teaching and research and accept our social and cultural responsibilities.
  • We promote a culture of dialogue, open communication, and constructive conflict management – in particular by ensuring the involvement of faculty, staff, and students – which is a core feature of our institution.
  • We are mindful of the importance of work/life balance to our faculty, staff, and students.
  • We offer attractive employment conditions with a high degree of structural options in terms of work content and continuous personal development.
  • We protect the integrity of our students, faculty, and staff and provide them with internal points of contact.

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