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Mission and Values of the FHNW School of Business

Our values help us to fulfill our mission.

The FHNW School of Business trains responsible leaders for business as well as society. It uses attractive methods of learning, achieves a high level of practical relevance, and has a strong international network. As a result, the School is well positioned to support Swiss companies (whether large or small) that are dependent on exports and also strongly networked. Our teaching, research, and consulting activities are thus important contributors to overcoming both current and future challenges.

Our Mission

Mission FHNW School of Business

“We educate innovative, responsible specialists and managers for an interconnected and ever changing world.”

Mission FHNW School of Business

Our Values

We promote a sense of responsibility and the ability to competently handle change, diversity, and sustainability and are committed to the freedom of teaching and research. In doing so, we accept the social and cultural responsibilities attributed to us.

We promote a culture of dialogue, open communication, and constructive conflict management. The participation of staff members and students is of great importance to us in this regard.

We are mindful of the work-life balance of our students and staff members and offer attractive employment conditions, as well as a large number of structural options with regard to both work content and individual development opportunities.

Diversity at FHNW

The FHNW values and promotes the diverse potential of its students and employees and is committed to equal opportunities at all levels.

All information on diversity at the FHNW can be found here.

Diversity Officer FHNW School of Business

Mirjam Petrone

Social Media FHNW School of Business