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Diversity and equal opportunities

The FHNW aims to ensure equal opportunities at all levels. By committing to a diversity-based study, continuing education and work environment, it is expressly in favour of embracing diversity and against discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying.

News – projects from the FHNW’s schools

All nine of the FHNW’s schools have numerous projects that explore or implement the topic of diversity from a wide range of perspectives. An up-to-date selection is provided below.

All-Gender WCs

gender.jpgStarting this semester, there will be designated all-gender WCs at most FHNW locations. These are single-user WCs and are open to everyone - women, men and people who do not assign themselves to the binary gender system. This allows everyone to use the toilet that corresponds to their own gender identity and expression. Gender-neutral WCs thus contribute to the maintenance and promotion of mental and physical health. They ensure safety and create a discrimination-free environment for diverse people. Providing gender-neutral WCs is a simple but effective step in promoting equality for people regardless of their gender identity. An overview of the currently available All-Gender WCs can be found under the heading "Queerness" within Inside FHNW (Intranet).

The LGBTIQ rainbow flagLaunch of a cooperation project looking at the inclusion of LGBTIQ+ students at Swiss tertiary education institutions

July saw the launch of a cooperation project between the BFH Bern University of Applied Sciences, PHBern Bern University of Teacher Education and FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland as part of the swissuniversities P7 programme “Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities in Higher Education Development” looking at the inclusion of LGBTIQ+ students at Swiss tertiary education institutions. The project is pursuing a participatory approach with regard to the development of personas that enable their stakeholders to review their offerings, policies and procedures. Furthermore, the project is producing information materials and documents surrounding the running of workshops for use by tertiary education institutions. Further information (in German).

An infographic in the shape of a pentagram, depicting the 5 elements of the toolkit, clockwise from the top: "recruitment & career", "innovation processes", "innovation & development teams", "innovation culture" and "communication & marketing". In the core of the pentragram is the element "fundamentals" Toolkit: Women & Diversity in Innovation

The toolkit Women & Diversity in Innovation was developed by a team from the FHNW School of Applied Psychology in collaboration with six innovative companies in Switzerland. The comprehensive collection of measures and tools supports SMEs and large organisations in their efforts to promote diversity in the area of innovation and to leverage it for innovation.

Includo_artikelbild.jpg INCLUDO

The FHNW’s new INCLUDO event format aims to create a space for all students, staff and continuing education participants to learn, exchange experiences and ideas, and connect with diversity, awareness and social sustainability. Annual events featuring different topics are planned at alternating FHNW campuses (access for FHNW members).

Topics and tasks

Further information

See the contact addresses in ‘Inside FHNW’ for details of the diversity officers of the individual schools (access for FHNW members only).

The «Guide for University Practice» illustrates how diversity is embraced by different people at the FHNW. The brochure encourages thought and critical reflection on our own behaviour and presents approaches to shape diversity.


Brochure Diversity at the FHNW (PDF, 199 KB, German)